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If that title “Choosing a brand name and getting naked” knocked you over a little bit, I apologize but I promise, choosing a brand name is all what it’s about, however misleading that may sound and it’s done with all good intentions kept in mind, honestly.

Choosing a brand name

If you’ve been following Danny Iny for some time, chances are you’ve read his Naked Marketing Manifesto by now. If you haven’t got to it yet, I’d like to invite you to drop everything just for a couple of minutes, thirty at most and go grab it right now as I can promise you it would probably be one of the best time investments you’ll make this whole year.

Having said that, after reading his Naked Marketing Manifesto it doesn’t take rocket science either to figure out where the inspiration of this post came from…

Let’s quickly recap the Naked Marketing theory…

In short, Naked Marketing can be divided into the following:

  1. Who Do You Want To See Naked?
  2. Naked Is Sexy
  3. Naked Is Desirable
  4. Naked Prompts Action
  5. Naked Is Rewarding

I can hear you wondering “Naked Marketing made good sense after reading Danny’s manifesto, but what has that got anything to do with ‘getting naked’ and ‘Choosing a brand name’; how do you bring those to the same table?”

Without further ado, let’s get naked then, shall we?

A couple of essential things to keep in mind about your website or blog’s name:

  • It will be representing your brand online
  • People will remember this name for future reference

The very first thing to give much thought and consider probably before you do anything else online is to come up with a name for your website or blog. You need to be “Choosing a brand name” before you can start working on your products or services, before you can start designing your marketing material and even before you can design your website or blog with any banners or images that will represent your brand. You need an online name before you even choose a domain name.

Choosing a brand name – Why do I say this?

Think about it for a second. Is it possible to do any of the above before “Choosing a brand name”? No. As simple as that. Everything you develop on your site will evolve around or represent your brand name.

Now let’s look at another important aspect to consider before “Choosing a brand name”. If you plan on starting your own personal blog where you will be sharing thoughts and experiences from your own life for instance, chances are that your business or website’s name will include your personal names.

This is quite standard for personal blogs although there are a few exceptions of course. My own personal blog if it was covering my life, thoughts and experiences would have contained Ruan Oosthuizen somewhere within the site’s name. Something like “The Life Of Ruan Oosthuizen” for instance.

However, if you are planning to set up a business website or blog, you need to look at firstly what you are planning to share out there, secondly evaluate and establish your one person which is your ideal profile that you will be targeting with whatever it is that you’ll put out there and thirdly have all of these to hold close relation to each other within your business name.

Let me explain that with an example:

I have a website with a blog focusing on Complete Domain Management called Ultimate Domain Manager. I offer services from registering your domain name, hosting your domain name through to more advanced and essential services like cloud off-site backup solutions for your domain. My domain is called

Looking at my site’s name, the services I offer and my domain name, does that hold close relation to each other? Do you think that taking each one of those into consideration they are targeting a specific audience?

Before we jump right into stripping “choosing a business name” down to the bones, I have a small confession to make…

Personally I have not used the above theory when I chose any one of those three elements of my business but let me tell you that without a doubt, any project I will take on in future will be based on that, simply because it is effective and it makes perfect sense.

The best part is, I think what I will be sharing next can be applied to any online venture for that matter…

The Anatomy

  1. Who do you want to see naked?

  2. When choosing your business or site name, you have to keep in mind that you want to target a certain audience, carefully determined when you designed your one person.

    By that I mean that when your visitors look at your business name, they almost need to be pre-qualified for your products or services as they really went out and searched for your products or services. They actually need and want what you are offering. So you need to ask yourself does your business name suggest that you might be offering something they are interested in just by looking at the name of your business?

    If your target audience searched for products or services related to marketing, you need to have that somewhere contained within your business name. Certainly if they decide that they do want to do business with you or make use of your training material, all related to marketing, you don’t want them having to remember that your business is called something like Incredible Solutions. Yes you may be offering incredible solutions which are great but if you target people needing marketing training, services or products having them remember Incredible Marketing Solutions would be much easier and effective, don’t you think?

    To keep this simple enough, you can achieve the above by looking at your main keywords of your business and products. Your main keywords will ultimately relate to what you will be offering and thus having one of these contained within your business name just makes perfect sense. If “marketing” is one of your main keywords, not only will using “marketing” within your domain name be an effective way to go but it will also help a great deal when contained within your business name.

    The person or profile you will target with your business name by using certain keywords contained within it, will ultimately be the one you end up seeing naked…

  3. Naked is sexy

  4. “Naked is sexy” holds close relation to “who do you want to see naked” but with one unique difference. “Naked is sexy” in terms of choosing your business name simply suggests that your business name must be attractive to the audience you are targeting. Does your business name catch the attention of your target audience?

    Let me explain this with another example:

    When I am looking for domain management services or training material related to managing my domain more effectively, I would be looking for something in the range of Domain Management. Then say I come across a company called Ultimate Domain Manager, do you think that catches my attention and that I would be interested in further investigating what this company has to offer in terms of domain management and training material?

    Of course I would.


    The following reasons may be good answers to that question:

    • They sound confident when looking at “Ultimate” which could be a strong indication of knowledge, meaning they may have sound experience within this field.
    • “Manager” could mean they might be offering training material that could teach me how to become the ultimate domain manager.
    • The name could also suggest that this company may very well become my ultimate domain manager, offering those services and performing them on my behalf.

    Does that business name “Ultimate Domain Manager” attract me? Would I possibly be interested in investigating this company and services any further?

    Yes I think I would.


    Simply because it caught my attention. It interests me and is something I need or want.

    Your business name needs to be attractive, eye-catching, thought-provoking and more importantly, it should willingly force me to want to investigate them further.

  5. Naked is desirable

  6. Let’s look at the above example again. When I look at that business name, does it create an internal desire within me to investigate this company any further?

    If I am looking for domain management services or any training material related to domain management, then yes, it does because it is something I want or need.

    The most important question to ask yourself before choosing a business name in terms of desirability should be “does this business name suggest that my need or want would be fulfilled after making use of their services?

    Will they provide solutions to what I am currently seeking help with?

    Not only might what this company is offering be exactly what I am looking for as I was pre-qualified in the beginning when I was targeted, I also found the business name to be sexy as it attracted me as soon as I saw it Chances are that the internal desire to further investigate this company is already at breaking point as so far it resembles that what they may be offering is exactly what I want or need.

  7. Naked prompts action

  8. Looking at the name of the business, let’s take Firepole Marketing as an example; do you think it suggests that I need to take some form of action in order to get the results that I am looking for?

    Reflecting back on our needs, we are looking for either:

    • Training material related to marketing
    • Services offering marketing solutions to my company
    • Products or tools I can use that will help me with my marketing efforts

    By already being pre-qualified in the most part in previous steps, looking at my needs and what it is that I am looking for, surely I am willing to commit to some kind of action either investing my time to learn new skills and be educated OR I might be willing to invest financially to have someone else deliver some services I need in terms of marketing.

    In other words, when I look at the business name with my needs and wants kept in mind, I need to be willing to invest at the very least some of my time and possibly need to commit financially in order to get the results I am after. Either way, the business name Firepole Marketing does prompt some form of action from any visitor’s point of view.

  9. Naked is rewarding

As Danny’s “Naked Is Rewarding” in his Naked Marketing Manifesto suggests, “Naked Marketing isn’t about one-night stands. It’s about great experiences that turn into long-term business relationships.” In other words, is it good for you AND to your prospect?

The same can be applied to choosing a business name.

When you start thinking about a suitable name for your business, not only does it have to related to your products or services but you are looking to establish long-term business relationships with your clients and therefor you need to resemble credibility and authority.

When looking at your business name, what is the impression you get? Does it look like you are representing a company that will be open for business today and next week it can’t be found anywhere?

Does your business name suggest any authority and confidence? Does it reflect that you are serious about the products or services that you offer? Does your business name sound as if it was thought out in a minute and resemble something cheap, unprofessional or even spammy that will be offering spammy sales pitch after sales pitch representing nothing else other than making money to their own pockets?

Do you get any impression of quality and value to anyone interested in your services or products?

When looking at your business name, people need to feel that this is a name that they would want to be associated with for many years to come. They need to feel that they will get value worth diving into their pockets for. More importantly, they need to feel assured that your company is competitive, offers prompt and effective support when needed but also that your company can be trusted with their material and concepts, knowing that the company will deliver what prospects came there for in the first place.

Choosing a brand name carefully will have people trust you, rely on you and want to do business with you…

In summary…

“Choosing a brand name and getting naked” means the business name should be:

  1. Targeted
  2. Sexy/Attractive
  3. Desirable
  4. Prompting action
  5. Rewarding

Keeping the above in mind and getting naked in other words before “Choosing a brand name”, might be the way you need to go to get the results you’re after.

Getting naked before choosing your brand name may very well be the difference between an average-results driven business and a company getting results beyond expectations…

Are you ready to get naked before choosing your business name?

Let us know what your thoughts are on “Choosing a brand name” and also feel free to share your strategies and experiences with us in the comments section down below.

To your domain management success!

choosing a business name

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  1. Wow, this was a very, very, … very long post. I think I understand the general principles you are talking about but there were so many questions of relevance raised, maybe-not. If it were possible to break the information down into a series of smaller pieces, I would feel more comfortable that I was not missing something. Perhaps that’s just me. Glad you are raising the important issues in my mind. Thank You.
    Freedom, Strength and Honor to YOU, Ruan.
    PETER Pocklington recently posted..Toxic Beliefs Ruin CareersMy Profile

    • Yeah it was quite long Peter, I agree. I did do it on purpose though and needed this in one post. You can always come back and read it as many times as you wish until you’re sure you were able to get everything? ;) I just feel that should I have broken it up in smaller pieces, then maybe a lot of other questions would have been asked as well and then maybe more people would have missed some important parts as a result of it.

      Thanks for stopping by my friend!

  2. Now this is something I can relate to, now I don’t feel alone for working naked… Ok, I work in my boxers but that’s close enough. Good article my friend!
    David Englert recently posted..What’s The Secret to Online Marketing?My Profile

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Ruan,
    You have given us a detailed article covering brand name and why it is important for us to get it right – right from the word go.
    Elizabeth recently posted..How To Get Your Article To Rank on Page One of GoogleMy Profile

  4. It’s like starting with a blank page. Go make some color and you will stand out! Great tips you outlined here.
    Alecia Stringer recently posted..How Does Internet Network Marketing WorkMy Profile

  5. Saqib Khan says:

    Hey buddy this was a ‘different’ post which is a good thing lol. I like the way you combined the two together to produce that 1 final outcome (the 5 points at the end). Choosing a brand name is one of the most important things any marketer can do as it is the name that will carry them and show people what he/she is all about. All 5 of those points are relevant in their own way, but when combined, can be very powerful.

    Great post and awesome tips bro. :)

    Saqib Khan
    Saqib Khan recently posted..The Choice Lies In Your HandsMy Profile

  6. Susan O'Dea says:

    Hi Ruan,

    Just lately I have been reading everything I can about building a brand and a ‘following’ around it. Now more than ever I think it is something everyone should consider. You have covered everything really well!

    I know I have led some of my clients in the wrong direction…ie keywords in preference to a ‘clicky name’ but I am now helping to turn it around.

    A brand works better.
    Susan O’Dea recently posted..Article Content For Your WebsiteMy Profile

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